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The world’s first radio automation software powered entirely by artificial intelligence.

Visual RadioGPT from AMERICAN RESEARCHS harnesses the power of GPT-4 — the technology that powers ChatGPT — as well as CLOSE RadioTV, to create content that’s tailored for local markets, 24/7.
Then, that’s paired with the AI neural voice technology to bring that content to life!

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9 things you should know about
Visual RadioGPT

RadioGPT revolutionizes localized visual radio content by utilizing the cutting-edge technology of GPT-4, AI voice technology, and CLOSE RadioTV VirtualAnnouncer-driven system, WebGrabber, for targeted story discovery and social content. This unique combination provides an unparalleled visual radio experience that is tailored to any market and format.


It can see what’s in your music log and talk about the songs or artists on your station.


It can see what’s happening in your local market right now and talk about it in real-time


It’s great at teasing and pre-promoting content going into breaks.


It can talk about the weather or traffic.


Schedule announcements, news, events, and any information to be spoken by Virtual Announcer.


It can take audio and video from listeners using CLOSE RadioTV LiveCAM and incorporate their thoughts, questions, and feedback into the show.


It can share news updates and current events relevant to your audience’s interests and demographics


Automatic downloading of music video clips being played by the station


24/7 Audio and Video Automation

American Researchs Launches:
Visual RadioGPT

Real-Time Updated Service Elements through RadioGPT
RadioGPT provides locally hosted news, weather, and traffic reports

AI Virtual Announcer

Cutting-edge tool that uses advanced neural technology to transform written text into spoken audio. This system allows you to select the desired male or female voice and customize pronunciation to fit your specific requirements. Additionally, can integrate music files and sound effects to create a real show-like experience. The music can be played as an introduction and then used as background music while reading the text, with automatic fade-ins and fade-outs as needed, allowing for smooth transitions between contents.
Virtual Announcer offers an innovative and professional solution for dynamic voice-based presentations.

CLOUD Remote Access

CLOUD is a web interface that enables remote control and administration of the radio station via the Internet.
It provides full access to all aspects of the station including traffic, commercials, commercial blocks, commercial scheduling, report generation, and commercial uploads, all from any web browser.

With this innovative solution, your staff can work more efficiently and be able to operate from any location, reducing operational costs for your station.
CLOUD empowers your management and commercial team to work faster and more effectively, resulting in a streamlined and cost-effective broadcasting experience.

The possibilities are beyond your imagination

Video RadioGPT Full Automation Video Playout. The Future is Now and You Just Need To Realize It. Step into Future Today & Make it Happen.


  +1 (305) 748-6481


  250 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801, USA